Friday, December 16, 2011

Where are my subscribers going?

Ok so every day I lose a subscriber on my Youtube page.   I have to ask, What Kind of Crap is That?  did I do something?   Do I smell?  Well even if I did you couldn't smell me through the computer ;) Seriously, I know it has something to do with the new youtube, but its very confusing because I am getting all these emails about people and new subscribers and then guess what when I look at my page there is another one less.  Sheesh!

Well anyway....I had to go to BN today to pick up some Christmas presents and I picked up another book for myself, you know a little Merry Christmas to me present.  So that will also be featured in my upcoming haul. 

I'm really excited for Christmas, I hope that everyone likes what I have gotten for them.  I got my husband a book but it is not one that I would want to read.  I on the other hand am getting nothing but books, movies and giftcards because that is what I asked for.  SWEET!!  I will have some money in January to buy all the wonderfully delicious books coming out.  Now, where can I go to buy some time to read them all?


  1. It always sucks to see your subscriber count go down. I like to tell myself that their probably not real people and their accounts were most likely deactivated or something lol! It helps a bit. Specially on twitter! Worst feeling in the world for me is when i'm trying my hardest to reach a certain amount of followers and then the count goes down rather than up. No worries though... The count always goes up! Eventually! :)

  2. The people unsubscribing probably aren't unsubbing because of anything you did. There are a lot of bots or trolls on youtube. They go around subbing to people with the intent of only getting a sub in return. After so much time, they just unsub. You have to look at your Analytics and see your subs compared to your unsubs. For example, I've gained 370 subscribers this year, but I lost 46. I'd say I did pretty well. Granted, it was mostly because of that contest. So if you looked at your analytics, I bet you'd find that you're gaining more than your losing, and most of what you're losing aren't real people who care about what you're doing any way.

  3. I'm sure you'll get more subscribers. I have to admit I haven't done much with youtube so I'll have to go over and hunt you down!!! Enjoy your Christmas goodies. My husband and I didn't do gifts this year because we're going on a trip in January Which is always good.

  4. You guys are right, I know that they are probably not offended by me LOL I just hate seeing the #s go down.

  5. Um... I'm not so sure about all this...what kind of perfume to you wear? My computer is not equipped with smello-vision yet, but mmmaybe..

    You know I love you Jen
    Sorry it took me so long to subscribe to the blog! I honestly thought I had subbd last time I stopped by but total fail on my part!

    btw I'm sure you smell really good! and I know you do great videos so I really do agree with the girls on this one ;P
    Happy Holidays!