Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Contest Update

The contest is going really well!  I have really enjoyed reading all of your responses on your favorite Disney characters and why you chose them.  If you watch my channel then you probably know I am a Disney A holic so this is alot of fun for me. 

You have a few more days to enter the contest, as it will close on Friday at 5pm EST.  Remember that if you have left a comment on my youtube channel then you ALSO must leave one here with the same information. 
I will be announcing the winner within a week after the close of the contest.

I'm also working on getting my new channel up and running.  It's going to feature segments about my life, Belle and my other pugs, my married life, my Fibromyalgia and also the products and clothes that I buy.  So I'm hoping that you all will like it and join me over there when I get it up and running.  

So that's it for today.  Thank you to everyone that has already entered the contest and I look forward to doing more of these in the future with you!

Happy Reading!

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