Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Reading Blog

Hi!  I'm Jen and this is my book blog.  I also have a Vlog on youtube.  Here is the link to it :

Come on over and subscribe, leave comments or just watch the videos. 

I post videos to talk about book hauls and reviews of the books I've read.  I think I may eventually put up the posts on here as well on my reviews and what I am currently reading. 

You can also find me on twitter @Tinkerbellpugs.   You can also find me on @Pebbles730

Yes I know alot of different names, but that's what adds spice to the world. 

So, the books that I read are fiction and biographies.  I have started reading alot of Young Adult or YA and also adult fiction.  I love reading and reviewing books and usually do that curled up with my girl pug Belle, whom is featured in my Vlog.   

I have to admit that I will be much better with the Vlogging, than the blogging.   It is much easier for me to keep up with that and do it quicker than blogging, but I am going to give it the old school try.    So that's just a little about me for today.  I hope to hear from anyone that has a love of reading .

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